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National Experimental Workshop Studio.

  • There is nothing more exciting than rethinking all that we understand as ‘built’ environment, and nothing more liberating than knowing.

  • Through the practice of outward observation and inward reflection we can begin to understand how we operate in time and space. 

  • Feelings and sensations are an inner language we can read, translate and transmit. A language of reason and conjecture ‘feeling’ infinite expressions and impressions our natural and manmade environments generate. We are all energetic beings, of the same essence, in the same materium.

  • Architecture will support and nourish the spirit, but it too can disrupt and destroy relationship and place.

  • We are all creators. We all have this ability to create, we do so each and every day by the seemingly mundane or mediocre decisions we make every moment of our lives. 

  • Creating our lives is a profound personal responsibility as we chose how we will exist in the physical realities we experience. As architects, that responsibility is towards others experiencing our building and cities, a privileged position that requires great reverence and compassion.

  • Architecture is a creative endeavour, and creativity is a spiritual practice.  

  • To practice in this place of pure creation, is to find inner peace, where time is still, and bliss is infinite. To gift this endeavour to others is to be in service to others, and to act in service is to manifest and sustain bliss. This is an ancient wisdom. If ones dharma is creative practice, then one can find and understand bliss.

  • I acknowledge the metaphysical plane as the true source of inspiration - the guru and the guide.

  • Unconsciously I read my environment. I recognise this as a tool formed over multiple lifetimes of experience, compressed and delivered through sensation. Experienced physically in this plane, one can let go of the frivolities of our reality, instead reading new pathways and searching new paradigms.

  • Recognising this as a tool elevates ones idea of inspiration to the ‘feeling’ plane, and the essence of spirit, separate from the conditioned self.

  • I find deep calm and truth in complexities of spatial and material problem solving, creating manifestations to lift the spirit and celebrate divinity.

  • My practice finds great joy and contentment in problem solving the awkward and difficult.

  • My primary vibration is spatial adventure. This unseen subtle energy of eddie and flow I call ‘Spatial Prana’. Prana is vital life energy or life force. 

  • The practice of architecture brings spiritual growth. It is my dharma. My practices of asana, pranayama, meditation amongst others support my spirit self and support my spatial adventures. 

  • When fully and completely engaged in creative practice, stillness emerges.  Music, literature, architecture, meditation, stillness, can be your yoga. I find this stillness in the practice of architecture. My practice is my yoga. Architecture is my yoga. Centred and grounded is stillness. This requires dedication and sustained practice. The purpose is finding this stillness in daily living through creative practices. All practices become lifestyle and lifelong.