The Helical Universe, not the Heliocentric

Schooling is the method of providing our children with a knowledge and understanding of the world. What if much of this passed on, verbiage is indeed misinformation or simply untrue. We cannot challenge all that we are presented with, or recreate experiments to find our own truths, but we can challenge, and question literature, research and method. To this end, much of my musing I cannot evidence, but research has guided.

In a nutshell, and in my own language, (please do your own research) we are informed from an early age the earth equatorially orbits the sun. However this would seem to be untrue. Instead, the sun travels through the solar-system at 27,000 km/sec, and in doing so the intensity creates a surface (akin to a welding torch). The planets within the suns orbit are thus dragged behind in a helical formation (evidenced by observing Venus as it travels retrograde across the sun in a steps and stairs formation.)

Please do your own research and tell me more.